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It is a one-stop destination for all types of aluminium doors at reasonable prices. Our range of products includes aluminium sliding doors, aluminium kitchen doors, aluminium front doors, and even cheap aluminium windows.   

At Aluminium Doors Athlone, you get optimum satisfaction at a minimum price value. Our unmatched quality, precise craftsmanship, and affordability are the key to our business.

Aluminium Doors Athlone

Our Products

We offer an extensive range of products to satisfy our diverse customer base.  Let’s take you straight to our product section.

Aluminium Folding Door

Our aluminium doors for sale include aluminium folding doors. The folding aluminium door price is available at an affordable price. At Aluminium Doors Athlone, the folding doors are   attractive, unique, and durable.

Aluminium Pivot Doors

Our next product on the list is aluminium pivot doors. These doors are thermally-insulated and long-lasting. Besides, these are also ideal for both external and internal usage.

Aluminium Double Doors

We also offer aluminium double doors for residential and commercial purposes. Aluminium double doors are highly durable and efficient in sustaining all types of damage. Moreover, these doors ensure optimal safety and security.

Aluminium Stable Doors

Our stable doors posses  unique and innovative architectural styles. They can fit in the slimmest of frames. These are stable, versatile, and bear sophisticated locking systems. Also, these come at affordable prices.

Aluminium Stacking Doors

Our next product on offer is aluminium stacking doors. Aluminium stacking doors redefine modernity and elegance. Our ranges of stacking doors are ideal for homes, offices, commercial buildings, and lots more. The doors are of superior quality and can resist gusty winds and stone pelting. And the best part is, at Aluminium Doors Athlone, you can get your customized frames too.

Kitchen Aluminium Doors

We offer kitchen aluminium doors or aluminium cupboards for modular kitchens. The kitchen doors come in standards sizes and are of different colors to perfectly suit your kitchen’s decor. These are stable, long-lasting, and resistant to damage by insects, rodents, or water. These are also easy to clean and available at reasonable rates.

Aluminium Doors Athlone

Wrapping It Up

At Aluminium Doors Athlone, we believe that the customers are our priority, and it is they who let us do anything in the first place. Thus, it is our responsibility to serve them in the best possible way and ensure their complete satisfaction. We strive to provide many products high on features, productivity, and convenience that guarantee our strong relationships with our customers. Thus, we also offer some other added products/services to ensure everlasting growth and reliability. These are as follows:

  • Burglar bars are useful to all of you. We can help provide you with burglar bars.
  • If you are looking for a welding gate then we can help you.
  • Motors are an essential need. If you need to work with motors then we can help you with that.
  • Whether you are looking for Double glazing or Upvc windows we have it all.

Thank you for bearing with us. We look forward to serving you anytime with our vast range of products and services.

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